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Equipments we enjoyed on the field:

- Rite in the Rain Notebook: I like their side stapled yellow note book (N°371, Universal). You can still use them with a pencil on the field even when it's rainy or in the cloud forest! Their bright color makes it easy to find on the field, if you left it on the ground or on a branch. Their small size is easy to transport in a backpack pocket. I usually use one by elevational transect!

Pix: A pack of 12 costs 46 $ on their website

Pix: I enjoyed the squares to draw each 10 X 10 m plots on each page for a single studied elevation. 

Bausch + Lomb hand lens for bryophyte observations (x10 and x20) recommended by Terry: Hasting triplets magnifiers "incorporate three separate lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens to provide sharp, very distinct magnified image without distortion − even under 14 and 20 power magnification."  

Pix: The lens comes with a small black pouch for protection.

Paper bags for collecting ecological samples of bryophytes:

Pix: Collecting bag, dimensions (L= 170 cm, W=90 cm, H= 55 cm), Mafuco is a kenyan brand.

MadgetechRH Temp 1000 data logger : "Rugged, Water Resistant, Stand-Alone, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger". We have these loggers on two transects in Guadeloupe from june 2012 and Réunion since March 2011, they are well adapted to harsh environments (mountain summits) or very wet (cloud forests), but also volcanic environments (sulfuric vapors). 

Pix: RH Temp 1000 Madgetech sensor

In La Réunion, they are provided by  the company Stratagem974 that also prepares the wooden stick and plastic box to set up the sensors on the field. Mesh in both side of the box and at the bottom prevents water to stay in the box, and keep insects away (spiders, wrasps, gueckos...). We used a notebook computer to launch the recording and to download the data (see pix below). Sensors are recording every hour and we collect the data every 6 months.

Pix: Box for the sensor (A. Cardoso)

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