Study site: La Soufrière volcano

The Guadeloupean archipelago covers an area of 1700 km2 of emerged lands. His creation has been progressive between -140 and – 3 millions years old. Native forests cover twenty five percent of the archipelago. The islands are rich of 1800 vascular plants including more than 300 species of pteridophytes. Concerning the bryoflora, a checklist is produced for Guadeloupe (Lavocat-Bernard & Schäffer-Verwimp, 2011). On the main island which holds the highest mountain, the still active volcano of La Soufrière (1467 m), the chosen transect (300 – 1450 m) is easterly located and crosses the National park of Guadeloupe.

 - Field expedition : 1st-9th June 2012

Trichocolea tomentosa, a leafy liverwort (J. Bardat, 2012)

Neckeropsis undulata, a moss (J. Bardat, 2012)

Symphyogina bongnartii, a liverwort (J. Bardat, 2012)

Hemiragis aurea, moss (E. Lavocat-Bernard, 2012) 

Prionodon densus, moss (E. Lavocat-Bernard, 2012)