Local Moveclim coordinators


Dr. Claudine AH-PENG is a researcher at the University of Réunion (UMR PVBMT). Her research is dedicated to the taxonomy, ecology and phylogeography of tropical bryophytes. She is particularly interested in understanding patterns of bryophytes diversity and distribution along altitudinal gradients in species rich ecosystems. She coordinated the BRYOLAT project (FRB), FEDER projects and ANR MOVECLIM, and sits on the Council of the International Association of Bryology and on the scientific council of the National Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin.

Dr. Olivier FLORES is lecturer at the University of La Réunion (UR). His research topics concern the structure, diversity and functioning of plant communities ecology studied through modelling. A central goal addressed in his studies is to understand the relationships between the local performance of species, their functional traits and external forcings, such as pedo-climatic conditions and biotic processes (e.g. competition, dispersal).

Pr. Dominique STRASBERG is teaching at the University of Réunion, he is an expert for the biodiversity in the Mascarenes. He has been supervising many students and leading research projects.

National Park of Réunion

Dr. Benoît LEQUETTE and Dr. Stéphane BARET, National Park of Réunion, with their colleague from Guadeloupe will work together on using the outputs of the project and transfer them for decision making and conservation management in the respective studied islands (Réunion & Guadeloupe). This first Interpark collaboration with the MOVECLIM project will initiate common actions for conservation planning and surveying permanent plots between these two biogeographic areas.



Dr. Jacques BARDAT, National Museum of Natural History, is a forest ecologist and a bryologist (taxonomy, ecology, conservation and biogeography). He is very active in the field of conservation planning and is part of numerous national scientific comittees in France for nature conservation. He was expert for France on the European directive Natura 2000. Presently he is preparing the flora of Mascarenes of liverworts in collaboration with C. Ah-Peng. He is directing the PhD of Catherine Reeb on thalloid liverworts who will take part to the project for the fieldwork and identification of liverworts.


Elisabeth, our local bryologist
Elisabeth LAVOCAT BERNARD and Jean-Francois BERNARD, members of the scientific council of the National Botanical Conservatory of Guadeloupe, are independant experts of bryology and pteridology of Guadeloupe and Martinique. They will coordinate field expeditions in Guadeloupe, assistance, and identifications of specimens.
Jean-François, our local pteridologist

Dr. Hervé MAGNIN, National Park of Guadeloupe, is biodiversity advisor. In this project, he will contribute by transferring the data obtained to conservation management. 
Hervé presenting a poster at the mid course meeting in La Réunion (photo: JY Meyer)