Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Net-Biome 1st Joint Call Final Conference, Brussels

The final results of MOVECLIM were presented at the Net Biome 1st Joint Call Final Conference in Brussels on April 5th 2016.

At the European Parliament, Net Biome Consortium. Crédit photo: Paolo Borges

The Program of this event is presented below:

Tuesday, 5th April:
Place:   BIP facilities, Rue Royale, 2-4 Koningsstraat, Room AGORA.

08:00 - Reception of the participants (Gisela Nascimento).
Welcome coffee followed by a permanent “on site” coffee service for the day.
08:15 - Welcome to the participants and introduction to the work for the day.
(Josiane Irissin-Mangata – Chair for the meeting)
08:30 - Presentation of the FRAG&BINV project and discussion.
(Stéphane Garnier)
08:50 - Presentation of the ISLAND-BIODIV project results and discussion.
(Paulo Borges)
09:10 - Presentation of the MOVECLIM project and discussion.
(Claudine Ah-Peng)
09:30 - Presentation of the POMARE project and discussion.
(Sylvain Petek)
09:50 - Presentation of the SafePGR project and discussion.
(Pierre-Yves Teycheney)
10:10 - Presentation of the SEAPROLIF project and discussion.
(Mehdi Aderoud)
10:30 - Presentation of the VABIOME project and discussion.
(Michel Dron)
10:50 - Presentation of the Video made by Philippe Baret (Short version?).
11:00 - Open discussion on research on biodiversity needs in overseas and added value for the EU. Identification of main needs and split in small groups (if possible).
12:00 - Articulation with NB-CSA for the final conference. (To be confirmed)

13:00 - Lunch Break.
         Served “on site”, organized by the NetBiome-CSA management team.

14:00 - Follow up of the morning discussion on research on biodiversity needs in overseas.
15:30 - Wrap-up of the meeting.
         (Vanessa Weck-Gaspard)
16:00 - Articulation with NB-CSA for the final conference.
16: 30 - Joint Call Steering Committee Meeting.
         (Only members of the NB-JC Steering Committee)
In parallel PI may start to work on presentation about the shared view regarding the added value of the call, which will be finalized on Thursday morning.
18:00 - End of the day´s work.
Free evening

Wednesday, 6th April, morning.
Place:   BIP facilities, Rue Royale, 2-4 Koningsstraat, Room AGORA

9:00 - NB-CSA and NB-JC Joint preparation of the Final Conference that will take place at the European Parliament.
         Finalization of the presentations to be made in the afternoon
            About the call main results
            About research needs, topics and added value
12:00 - End of the morning’s work

Wednesday, 6th April, afternoon.
Place: European Parliament, Room to be defined.

15:00 - Presentation and discussion of the NetBiome-ERA-NET 1st Joint Call and of the NetBiome-CSA project.
Hosted by MEP Ricardo Serrão Santos.
The format and content of the NetBiome-ERA-NET 1st Joint Call presentation, as well as who will present it and how it will be articulated with the NetBiome-CSA will be discussed and decided at the meeting of April 5th.

18:00 - End of NetBiome-ERA-NET 1st Joint Call Final Conference activities.

This final meeting in Brussels was a good opportunity to gather and report on our projects within the Net Biome consortium and especially with the different funding agencies.

As a reminder some figures on this call:

About the 7 projects funded:

The factsheet on the Net Biome  consortium:

During the discussions at the meeting, one main topic was the becoming of the Net Biome network and the possibility of future calls, which could be launched by BIODIVERSA3 on the biodiversity of ORs and OCTs.

The last day of this event occurred at the European parliament, the program of the day was as followed:

In the course of the presentations, Pierre Yves Teycheney and Claudine Ah-Peng were invited to talk about their experience as funded projects members and coordinators. They highlighted the need of the European Commission to pursue its support to the biodiversity Research within and between the ORs and OCTs. 

Crédit photo: Claudine Ah-Peng

Crédit photo: Paolo Borges

Press release and Presentations at the European Parliament

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