Tuesday, 4 August 2015

XX Simposio de Botanica Criptogamica, Porto, 22-25 July 2015

The Cryptogamic Botany Symposium is a biennial gathering of experts dedicated to the study of fungi, algae, lichens, bryophytes and ferns and the most important scientific meeting of this theme in the Iberian Peninsula. This Symposium aims to present and discuss the progress made to date, highlighting the growing importance of the study of the cryptogamic flora for ecosystem management and sustainability of land resources, biotechnological applications and development of methodologies for predicting the effects of local, regional and global environmental change. XX Cryptogamic Botany Symposium took place in Oporto, Portugal, on the 22th to the 25th of July 2015.

List of the Moveclim's team contributions:

Poster communication:

- Coelho, MCM., Pereira, F., Ah-Peng, C. & Gbriel, R. 2015. Water retention in Azorean native vegetation: the role of bryophytes. XX Cryptogamic Botany Symposium, 22-25th July, Porto, Portugal.

Oral communications: 

- Gabriel, R., Bardat, J., Flores, O., Gonzalez Mancebo, J., Hedderson, T., Strasberg, D., Aranda, SC., Coelho, MCM., Henriques, DSG., Hernandez Hernandez, R., Lovanomanjanahary, M., Wilding, N. & Ah-Peng, C. 2015. Project MOVECLIM: Studying bryophyte macroecological patterns along elevation transects across archipelagos. XX Cryptogamic Botany Symposium, 22-25th July, Porto, Portugal.

- Henriques, DSG., Gabriel, R., Borges, PAV. & Ah-Peng, C. 2015. Bryophyte beta diversity along elevational gradient in Terceira Island, Azores. XX Cryptogamic Botany Symposium, 22-25th July, Porto, Portugal.

Text: Marcia Coehlo 
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