Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Island Biology 2016 Conference, July 2016, Azores

Attendance to this conference is a must for any island biologist:

The “Island Biology 2016” (18-22 July 2016, University of Azores at Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, Azores) conference has already an official webpage : http://www.islandbiology2016.uac.pt/

Please Visit the webpage and  Pre-Registration is possible at http://www.islandbiology2016.uac.pt/#page3

Pico island, 23-26th july 2015, Post conference fieldtrip

The Invited speakers confirmed so far are:

Paulo  A. V. Borges: Welcome Talk: “Long-term ecological research in Azores: what we have learned so far”
- Daniel Simberloff that will give a Plenary Conference on the MacArthur & Wilson legacy
-Isabel Sanmartin that will give the Talk: “Bayesian statistical approaches to island biogeography: progress and challenges”
- Jens Olesen that will give the Talk: “Ecological Networks on Islands”
-Pedro Cardoso: NEW CHALLENGES “Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Island Ecology and Biogeography”
-Robert Whittaker that will give the Talk: “Island Biogeography: novel approaches”

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